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An Instagram audit helps you determine how legitimate an Instagram account is. Nitreo's Instagram audit helps you find out the quality of followers an account has, their engagement, and more - all compared to industry & niche averages.

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Hypeauditor has just been made free

This Instagram audit tool is free unlike tools such as Hypeauditor. The tool was made by Nitreo - a service that grows your Instagram faster and organically. If you're running a campaign with Instagram influencers, be sure to check their account and engagement quality.

  • Engagement rate
  • Like-to-comment ratio
  • Follower authenticity
  • Spam activity
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Audited on 10/12/20

instagram audit iconAccount Audit

Ratio Analysis

icon for more informationAbout this metric

The average percentage of the user's audience that like or comment on their posts.

Comment Analysis

icon for more informationAbout this metric

The average percentage of a user's followers that comments on their posts. Note: some users may purposefully limit the comments on their posts.

Ratio Analysis

icon for more informationAbout this metric

The average likes a user gets for every comment they recieve on their posts.

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We're an Instagram growth service that helps propel your Instagram to the next level - helping you get more likes, engagement, followers, and more. We're your helping hand when it comes to growing your Instagram. Learn more about us and what we do or sign up as soon as you're done auditing!

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Instagram audit users iconAudience Audit

Audience Engagement Analysis

icon for more informationAbout this metric

The average percentage of the user's audience that have followers who like or comment on their posts. This is based on the mean average followers of the audience.

Audience Post Analysis

icon for more informationAbout this metric

The average number of posts made by the user's audience. Low post counts may allude to bots as they only engage with content rather than posting their own.

Audience Follower Ratio Analysis

icon for more informationAbout this metric

The average followers the user's audience typically has for every account they follow.

What is an Instagram audit?

An Instagram audit helps you understand the legitimacy of an account on Instagram. This means an Instagram audit can help you determine whether an account has bought followers, likes, or comments. Typically, Instagram audits are performed by looking at the follower count of a user and their engagement rate.

More extensive tests can be done to analyze the audience of the Instagram user, checking their followers' engagement rates and how often those followers post on Instagram. Lastly, Instagram audits can be performed over time to track how fast a user grows.

About your free Instagram audit

This is a free Instagram audit that let's you discover the so-called health of an Instagram account. We break down the target account's engagement rate in terms of likes and comments, further analyzing the engagement and activity of their followers. This helps you determine whether an account has grown in an illegitimate way or is completely organic.

Influencer Auditor

By using this influencer auditor tool, it helps confirm to our customers that Nitreo works organically. This influencer auditor also helps companies all over the globe verify that the influencer they want to work with is genuine with real engagement. It's a great way on checking if Instagram influencers are the right fit for their company. Make sure you're not wasting valuable marketing budget on the wrong person!


Like Hypeauditor, the metrics we offer are similar to what you'd expect from a fully-fledged app. However, Nitreo's solution is completely free - meaning your Instagram audit will never cost you a dime. We're currently building out this solution to give you and our other users a more wholesome overview of the legitimacy of an Instagram account.

Easy IG Audit

This IG audit is free and quick. If you're reading this and haven't tried it yet, scroll back up to the top and type in a username. Your results will generate in 30 seconds.

How to do an Instagram audit?

You can perform an Instagram audit by typing in your target account's Instagram handle. When performing an Instagram audit, you need to go through the following steps:

  1. Enter their Instagram username
  2. Check their follower count
  3. Check their engagement rate
  4. Compare the follower count to their engagement rate
  5. Analyze the engagement rate of their followers
  6. Analyze how often their followers post on Instagram
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