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This Instagram engagement calculator calculates the engagement rate across a user's posts, likes, and comments. IGTV calculations are displayed in an adjacent tab. It's super simple!

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Compare Instagram Engagement Rates

It's always advisable to look at Instagram engagement rates in context. What we mean by this is that as soon as you run the Instagram engagement rate calculator on a specific user, you also need to understand their demographics, industry and niche, how often they post, time of day they post, and more.

As such, take their Instagram engagement rate with a pinch of salt. At the very least, you're able to compare their engagement rate with average engagement based on follower count. This serves as a great, basic benchmark.

By the way, make sure you try out our Instagram audit tool in case you're looking at whether an account is legitimate or has fake followers. This makes sure that your influencer campaigns don't waste valuable marketing budget!

Follower Count Average Engagement
<2k 10.7%
2-5k 6.0%
5-10k 4.9%
10-25k 3.6%
25-50k 3.1%
50-75k 2.6%
75-250k 2.5%
250-500k 2.9%
500k-1m 2.3%
1m+ 1.5%

About your free Instagram engagement rate calculator

This is a free Instagram engagement calculator that let's you find out how much an Instagram user is engaged with on Instagram. The tool breaks down a user's engagement by comments, likes, and IGTV interactions. It's simple to use and really easy to get started with, just enter the user's Instagram handle that you want to investigate and you're on your way!

For detailed instructions on how this engagement rate calculator works, see the next section.

How to calculate your Instagram engagement rate?

To calculate your Instagram engagement rate, you'll need to follow these steps:

  1. Enter their Instagram username
  2. Take a sample of their posts (9 is recommended)
  3. Add up the total amount of likes on each post
  4. Add up the total amount of comments on each post
  5. Divide the total amount of steps 3 and 4 individually to get the average amount of likes and average amount of comments
  6. Add these two numbers together to get the absolute average engagement number
  7. Divide the average engagement number with the total amount of their followers to get the Instagram user's engagement rate
  8. Times by 100 to express the average engagement rate as a percentage!

These steps are an accurate way of determining a user's engagement rate on Instagram. There are other methods, and the number may differ depending on the sample size of posts you selected in step 2.

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