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Nitreo is your new Instagram manager

Get more Instagram followers with Nitreo, the Instagram manager service that offers a premium experience at an affordable rate. Our dedicated customer success team will grow your account faster!

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2 Minutes Setup • Real Results • Get More Instagram Followers
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Get More Instagram Followers

How Nitreo acts as your dedicated Instagram Manager

Nitreo is just like having your own Instagram manager. Put your growth on autopilot, get real-time improvements, suggestions, and analytics - as well as customer success to give you the true managed experience Nitreo users just like you yearn.

Here's everything Nitreo is not:

  • A management service that offers fake followers
  • An Instagram tool that underdelivers

Here's what Nitreo is:

  • An organic Instagram growth tool that offers a managed experience
  • A service that gets you more followers, organically
  • A streamlined way to build your Instagram audience
Your Organic Instagram growth service

An Instagram growth service that delivers

Nitreo helps you pick up more followers and build an engaged audience without any of the struggles you'd usually encounter when using other managed services. We offer an Instagram agency grade solution that's easy to set up, has great engagement metrics, and offers a simple, streamlined way of growing your Instagram.

2 Minutes Setup • Real Results • Get More Instagram Followers

@crossfitjunkiesociety / 18.2k Followers

Finally, someone's figured out how to grow my Instagram - and it feels like I've finally found my own Instagram manager!

Kelly, Lifestyle Niche

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Easy Setup

Connect your Insta account and describe your audience with a few hashtags and accounts similar to yours.

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Grow your Insta every day

You'll get followers, likes, and engagement every day. All your results are real, that's a guarantee.

Organic audience building

Worldbuild with your content, and Nitreo builds an audience that perfectly matches your niche.

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Managed Instagram Service

Your own personal Nitreo account clerk steps in whenever you need service - making improvements whenever necessary.

💡 A glimpse into your new social media management tool

There's so much that goes on under the hood! Take a sneak peek into what Nitreo does by checking out our features, or learn more about how Nitreo works to get you Instagram followers around the clock.

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Thousands of Nitreo Users

Creators, businesses and Instagram managers

Thousands of Instagram creators, businesses on Instagram, and social media managers use Nitreo to grow and scale their results on Instagram. And with Instagram management agencies using Nitreo as their tool for growth, building up your follower base on Instagram has never been so easy.

Whether you're a creator, business, or even an Instagram assistant offering your clients the same service(!) - Nitreo will get you the results you're looking for.

Grow Your Instagram Faster

How Nitreo Works

Getting Nitreo to work is as easy as pie. And as the primary way to grow your Instagram organically, there's so much more to Nitreo than meets the eye. Here's a snapshot of some of our features!

Management Feature

Growth with Follow/Unfollow

Nitreo will get you growing in no-time with our follow-unfollow growth methodology. It's the number one way of growing your Instagram quickly and sends the strongest social signal to users - getting you the follow backs you're looking for.

  • Save time by outsourcing growth tasks to Nitreo
  • The cleanest, no-frills way to grow your account
  • It's a proven growth strategy that's used by all account sizes.
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💡 Don't worry, Nitreo cleans up your Instagram feed

Nitreo mutes accounts it follows on your behalf, meaning your Instagram experience won't be affected when using Nitreo as your dedicated account manager. You're able to whitelist users if you want to keep following them as well!

Management Feature

Story Viewing, Liking comments, and reactions

Nitreo uses other highly scalable ways to manage and grow your Instagram account. This includes viewing stories for you, liking comments of users that may be interested in your content, and reacting on Instagram Live.

  • Save hours of your own time
  • Get your engagement managed by professionals
  • Appear in the activity feed of your audience
  • Get real followers organically
Get your Instagram managed
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Hashtags, Users, & Locations 📍

Nitreo offers a suite of targeting tools that you're able to manage via your dashboard. Set up your targeting based on our intelligent hashtag system (providing you examples on-the-fly), users similar to you, and specific locations to pinpoint your audience according to where they're visiting.

  • Advanced targeting solution
  • Maximize the relevancy of your followers
  • New followers are highly engaged
  • Find your ideal audience easier
Set up your targeting now
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💡 Targeting Tip

Nitreo offers a hashtag generator for users to improve their targeting. This tool is built-in to Nitreo's management solution, and is something our customer success assistants use daily. Find the right hashtags every time!

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Signup slots are regularly limited to the public in order to provide our customers the best experience with our success team. Get started today before we close signups again!

Start growing your Instagram now:

2 Minutes Setup • Real Results • Grow Your Instagram
And so much more

Get the full management experience

Nitreo is more than just a growth service. It's a fully-fledged solution to your Instagram management woes - have your tasks performed programmatically, improvements applied automagically, and receive the added human touch of our world class support team. Here's some of our extra features:

Advanced Parameters

features icon

Target followers and hashtags based on their follow-back ratios, engagement rate, and more.


whitelisting and export feature icon

Receive suggestions and improvements as fast as possible to maximize your growth potential.

Black + Whitelisting

Icon for auto blacklisting users on Nitreo

Nitreo makes sure it doesn't engage with any content that's sensitive, keeping your account safe.

Customer Success

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Nitreo offers you dedicated account assistance whenever you need help managing your account.

☕ $1.57 per day

Billed at $49/ mo

Get Started

  • Real Instagram Followers
  • Organic engagement
  • Instagram Management App
  • Less than a cup of coffee a day ☕
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What's Nitreo again?

Nitreo is a fully-fledged Instagram growth service that helps you manage your Instagram account. It's like having an Instagram manager that performs actions for you, feeds you improvements, and more, every day.

What's the growth like?

The majority of Nitreo customers see growth of hundreds of followers in the first few days to two weeks. These results improve over time as your settings are improved.

What's your pricing like?

There are two pricing plans starting at $49 a month, or alternatively - $1.57 a day. Signing up to annual plans would save you 40%!

Is there a free trial?

Nitreo grows its customer success team as our userbase grows - and because we want to offer the best service possible, we limit signups and unfortunately don't offer a free trial.

Chief Marketer / 22.7k Followers

This is an amazing way of getting in touch with all our customers on a personal level. Growing our brand awareness is key, and that's exactly what Nitreo helps us with.

Chunhua Zhiang, Director of Marketing APAC

Grow Your Insta

We're a great fit

Get started with Nitreo today and grow your Instagram! With a wealth of features and thousands of happy customers from all over the world, we're sure Nitreo is a great fit for you.

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Still want to know more?

We're an open book! Nitreo is also incredibly cost-effective and offers discount on pricing plans.If you're still not too sure whether we're a match made in heaven, get in touch with our customer success team. They'll answer your questions ASAP.

Dedicated customer success team

We almost forgot to mention! Our customer success won an award as recently as November 2019 for best first-time-to-response. Nitreo's dedicated account assistants are ready to help you set up and optimize your Instagram. Start growing with us today!

2 Minutes Setup • Real Results • Get Instagram Followers Fast
  • #1 first-time-to-response, Nov 2019
  • Results-driven customer success
  • Get a dedicated account manager
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