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Looking to find out more about Instamacro or perhaps you want to explore some other options as well? Discover how Instamacro works, what are the pros and cons and why are most people switching to Nitreo now.

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What is Instamacro

How does it work?

Instamacro is the usual Instagram bot that automates Instagram interactions such as following/unfollowing people and liking their content.

Because most bots are now detected by Instagram, Instamacro is either not getting results or their users started to get blocked and even banned.

This is why most people switched to Nitre. Nitreo is not a bot, it won't get you banned or blocked and it grows your Instagram 100% organically with real, relevant followers.


  • Doesn't really work anymore
  • Gets you blocked at some point
  • You gain mostly irrelevant followers
  • Doesn't let you use your Instagram as usual

With Nitreo on the other hand:

  • You get organic followers
  • You attract engaged people
  • You reach more people
  • It works 24/7, while you sleep
Why Nitreo

Why Instamacro is not the best option anymore

Why should you try Nitreo instead

Instamacro doesn't really get results anymore because Instagram banned all the bots. See why is Nitreo different.

Trying to find the best way to get more followers on Instagram? Here are the main reasons why you should pick Nitreo instead of Instamacro:

  • With Nitreo every follower you get is real
  • It's the safest way to grow your Instagram
  • Unlike Instamacro, Nitreo is not a bot
  • We'll grow you faster
2 Minutes Setup • Real Results • Get More Instagram Followers
About Instamacro

Instamacro pricing and features

Instamacro costs more than Nitreo, it can get you banned and it doesn't work anymore. Nitreo on the other hand is the newest and safest way to grow your Instagram. Check out our features to see why Nitreo has become the #1 way to grow your Instagram!

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  • gray checkmark icon Irrelevant followers
  • gray checkmark icon Weak audience filtering
  • no enter icon Requires complicated setup
  • no enter icon Doesn't work anymore
  • no enter icon Slow Growth
  • no enter icon No Growth Guarantee
  • no enter icon Risky bot automation
  • no enter icon No engagement
  • no enter icon Causes permanent bans
  • no enter icon No support
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  • icon with lightning bolt Targeted, relevant followers
  • icon with lightning bolt Real Results
  • icon with lightning bolt Fast and real engagement
  • icon with lightning bolt Only Real Followers
  • icon with lightning bolt Fast Support
  • icon with lightning bolt AI Performance Analysis
  • icon with lightning bolt Granular Targeting
  • icon with lightning bolt Loved by 10,000+ people

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  • Organic Instagram Followers
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  • 100% Safer than Instamacro
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What is Instamacro?

Instamacro is an Instagram bot that doesn't work anymore because Instagram blocked their technology. It used to follow/unfollow other people and like their content in order to attract more followers to your profile.

How does Instamacro work?

With Instamacro you had to specify some basic targeting parameters (only locations and certain hashtags) and then the bot started to follow and unfollow profiles who matched those filters (fake profiles included!).

How's Nitreo better than Instamacro?

Instamacro doesn't work anymore and most of its users got their account blocked or even permanently suspended. Nitreo on the other hand combines real phones along with artificial intelligence and human touch to grow your Instagram profile organically.

What's the growth like?

The majority of Nitreo customers see growth of hundreds of followers in the first few days to two weeks. These results improve over time as your settings are improved.

Picking Nitreo

Nitreo makes everything easy

Nitreo setup takes seconds. Here's an airplane view of how all works:

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Add your account

Add your Instagram profile and specify what is the type of your account.

an icon showing how you can get more followers on Instagram

Fine tune your targeting

Laser-target the audience you want to reach: add locations, hashtags, similar users, gender and more.

an icon showing growth in Instagram engagement

Nitreo starts

Nitreo engages only with real, relevant accounts that are most likely to follow back and engage with you.

Watch numbers skyrocket

See your engagement and followers growing day by day without ever touching your phone.


More features Instamacro lacks

Nitreo is the only Instagram growth tool that uses real phones combined with artificial intelligence and human touch to help you grow your Instagram in a completely safe, organic and authentic way. Check out Nitreo's complete list of features or discover them yourself by signing up today!

Happy Nitreo Customers

You're in great company

With over 5,000 happy customers each month, Nitreo's become the go-to option to grow your Instagram on autopilot. See why people love us!

  • Get on this now!

    avatar of Annie

    I've used dozens of growth tools before and honestly I couldn't be happier with Nitreo 😊


  • Nitreo saves us time

    an avatar of untold

    We're using Nitreo to grow our engagement with our branded location and hashtags. Works very well.


  • Great for business

    an avatar of salon des fleurs

    Nitreo helps us get more foot traffic, which is great for our business. We're well known among locals. Our favorite way to use Nitreo is their location targeting and gender targeting!


  • Nailed our target audience

    an avatar of a 6forest toys employee

    Nitreo is so hands-off its unbelievable. This is great exposure for our brand and a lot more website visitors come from Instagram. Happy!


  • Get constant expert support

    Our support team consists of highly-trained Instagram experts that won several customer success awards over the years. You can reach out with any question and you'll get assistance from an Instagram expert. Profit from growing your Instagram today!

    2 Minutes Setup • Real Results • Get Instagram Followers Fast
    • First-time-to-response award, Nov 2019
    • Your dedicated Instagram expert
    • 24/7 top-priority assistance
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